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The Baguio Midland Courier is the "Exponent of the Wonderland of the Cordillera and the Riches of Ilocandia". Thus, people who want to get their message spread across the literate mountains place their ads in the Midland. Here are a few ads from the issue of 18 March 2007.

Disclaimer: I did not make these up, although I sort of wish I had. Apologies to those of you who are actually interested in these ads; I am not including the phone numbers because nobody's paying me to advertise... Not that they'd get much mileage here anyway!

100% Safe & Effective
boosts staying power in bed
Money-back guarantee
Free Delivery

(German Dachshund)
Mini, smooth, brown, nearly 8 months, very healthy, very intelligent, very good temperament, vaccinated

Ikaw ba ay may mga katanungan sa Natural Family Planning (NFP)?
Sa NFP hotline, kami ay laging handang makinig.
Isang Tawag Lang...

(Formerly Static Center)
Learn profitable livetime skills applies full-time & part-time locally and abroad!
60 hrs. Comprehensive Training on Massage Therapy
Tutorial on Each of the Various Massage Therapy Techniques:
whole body massages: swedish, shiatsu, thai, aromatherapy, tui-na, sports
short massages: baby, pregnancy, reflexology, foot and leg, indian head

March Promo
Wart Removal (face and neck) and Hair Straightening

Enroll this coming SY 2007 - 2008
We offer complete:
Elementary and
High School

Sick of cancer? Leukemia? Ailment pronounced incurable? Blind, crippled, or deaf? Are you Marijuana addict or drug addict? Do you have marital or heart breaking problems? Do you want to be happy and have peace of mind and peace of heart, and be assured of eternal life?
He will heal you & solve your problems thru the prayer of...
Evangelist WILDE E. ALMEDA
The Evangelist who was sent by our loving God to Talipao, Sulu to pray & fast for the release of the Sipadan Hostages from the hands of the Abu Sayyafs, in the year 2000, resulted to a Victorious Peace Mission. How could anyone survive the fierceness of the Abu Sayyaf? How could one escape from the rain or machine gun bullets, bombs, canons and grenades aimed to annihilate life in the jungles of Talipao, Sulu?... It's either death or a miracle.


The Nashman said…
it's great that my beloved baguio has a tranny/hermaphrodite heritage school! i wanna teach there
padma said…
You'll be disappointed to know that the staff of G-String Spa don't wear g-string uniforms.

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