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Poem Treats

Alan gave me the print-outs of two poems he read at the I Poetry reading in Block 4 of the Baguio Public Market, held October 26 as part of the Markets of Resistance project. Scintillating words were spoken from atop a kariton in the market that afternoon. A couple of hours later, Frank gave me two books of poetry for Mt Cloud Bookshop. The following day I was handed an envelope from Mimi, who manages the Tala Share and Guesthouse, and in it was a copy of a poem she read at an art exhibit several months ago. I remember that moment very well. Thank you, dear friends! Thank you, Universe. An inspiring, palengke poetry reading and then three different people giving me the gift of poems in the last two days. If there's a message you're trying to deliver, Universe, I'm open and waiting.

Markets of Resistance

Market places buzz with electric, sometimes frenetic, energy during their waking hours. This week until November 9, the currents of a different kind of energy are radiating through the Baguio Public Market. Markets of Resistance is a "multi-disciplinary collaborative art and cultural project between the Institute for Heritage, Culture and the Arts in the School of Fine Arts and Design (SFAD) at Philippine Women's University and the Ax(is) Art Project, spearheaded by Angel Shaw, Institute director, media artist, teacher and cultural activist. 70 plus SFAD students, Baguio and Manila artists, poets, scholars and community cultural workers will launch a unique two-week exhibition in Baguio City market stalls -- painting, photography, media installations, mixed media works, zines, performances and a spoken word event. "The artworks will not be for sale in the traditional form of a monetary exchange. Instead, an interested buyer must negotiate with the artist ab