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Summer is for...

... white beer! Cheers!

Air Freshener

Number One Biker Boy is so smart. He found a good use for Starbucks coffee! The Starbucks give-away pack of their house roast, which has been sitting in our freezer for over a year, has finally found it's rightful place in our house. I got the free pack when I was coaxed into attending a free coffee-tasting session in Starbucks with the Baguio Writers Group. We were promised an enlightening spiel on the history of coffee. I shouldn't have been surprised when what we got was only really a history of Starbucks. Horrors! Generations of coffee drinkers will never know that this wondrous bean actually originates from Ethiopia, and they will spend the rest of their lives believing that Starbucks coffee that tastes like crap is worth their money. People, it's cool to buy local! If you don't already know (I have intelligent readers, after all) you can buy a delicious mix of coffee beans in our beloved public market. You can even experiment with your own mixes! Instead of sendin

The Netherlands Under Construction

Summer is for...

... drinking spring water from the source Evian drinkers, you don't know what you're missing! This particular spring flows on Mt. Pulag, above the line of vegetable gardens and human habitation. In all likelihood, it is unpolluted, although I know of no study on the life cycle of chemicals and their possible presence in the watersheds and aquifers of Pulag. The only empirical evidence I can offer about this spring is that my personal water supply was taken from it over the course of three days, without the use of puritabs, filter pumps, and without boiling the water, and I was fine! The water from this spring was ice-cold and tasted oh so sweet and refreshing! All of us who drank from the spring swore that we felt revitalized as the water coursed through our bodies! Nowadays, instead of regarding a found water source as something to be grateful for, we regard it as something dangerous. Isn't there something wrong with this reaction? It's not the reaction itself that is

Summer is for...

... psychedelic sunsets! four minutes and nine seconds later... All natural. No artificial sweeteners, additives, or digital enhancements.

Summer is for...

. .. riding taplod! This jeep is owned and driven by Roger Guzman with his sidekick Denver Thompson. Great guys, adept at transporting backpackers to the trail heads of Mt. Pulag. Apart from the butt-numbing racks atop the roof, the jeep's wonderful features include a monkey skull with green marble lights, wearing a miniature cowboy hat. It hangs by the windshield and its eyes light up whenever Roger hits the breaks. Drop me a line and leave me an address if you want to hire them to take you up the perilous roads to Babadac. (To protect your privates, I won't publish your comment if it contains your email address.)

Trés cool

Take away shows, concerts on the go! FREE! Produced by La Blogotheque . Oui eets Frrrench, but there ees an Eenglish website. I think I'm in love. With Noah and the Whale . And Michael Stipe needless to say. (Nevermind that he's gay.) This is music and poetry and cinematography ON THE FLY. Best downloaded as podcasts. Stick them in yer iPod. Treasure!

Summer is for...

... nostalgia! Albert makes fresh, wonderful salads and fresh, luscious drinks at the Cafe by the Ruins, which turned twenty this year! Here Albert helps to hang up a memory wall filled with old snapshots of foodies, hippies, wannabes, and their progeny.

Summer is not...

... for wearing winter boots! (Not even if you're in a miniskirt in Baguio.)

Summer is for...

... road trips!

I wanna be the stubble on Michael Stipe's jowl

album covers from seek a cover dot com. Stop, look , and listen. One hour, thirty-five minutes, and fifty-four seconds of bliss.

Summer is for...

... going incommunicado!


The second-to-the-last chapter of the diss is expected in my supervisors' inboxes next week. What better time is there to procrastinate? This is the perfect time to release a slew of posts that have been festering as drafts since January. Brace yourselves, whoever and wherever you are. Coming soon, a series of meaningless posts for fellow-procrastinators! (I mean, really, why are you wasting your time around here?)

Summer is for...

... relocating!

Five Passageways in Cambodia