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Membaca Bahasa Indonesia Lagi

I'm having to go back to my interview transcripts -- in Bahasa Indonesia. Pak J: Ya, dan sebenarnya disini kebanyakan masyarakat khawatir kalau-kalau hutan. ada disekitar sini di daerah wilayah kecamatan Tasik Payauan (TP) karena pada umumnya pada saat ini kemungkinan masyarakat di daerah kecamatan TP ini, termasuk mungkin dianggap 20% pekerja kayu, nah siapa tau nanti Taman Alam (TA) bisa ada sehingga terhambat kelancaran usaha masyarakat tentang kegiatan penebangan kayu, dan seandainya nanti bagi pemerintah atau bagi penyalur TA ini apakah nanti misalnya mereka menutup usaha masyarakat tentang penebangan kayu apakah nanti ada peluang bagi masyarakat untuk membuka jalan usaha lain lagi. God help me.

Random Diss Excerpt #11

Today I did two things that I haven't done in ages. I cooked chicken and camote afritada and worked on the diss. Guess which one I liked better. READING ADVISORY: This stuff will sound familiar to those who are acquainted with ethnogenesis in the Cordillera region and the work of Gerry Finin, BUT it's all about Central Kalimantan. A WARNING TO WOULD-BE PLAGIARISTS/PLAGIARIZERS: This excerpt is rigged to make you look like a fool if it finds its way into your work without credit being given where credit is due. Although the people known as the Ngaju share a language and a rich system of traditional law, hadat, Ngaju identity – Schiller (1997a) uses the term “Ngajuness” – only began to crystallize and to be wielded with pride in the last century partly through the political strategies and demands of a highly-vocal, educated, and urban-based elite, and also in part due to the paternalistic influence and policies of the Dutch colonial government and the Rheinisch and Basler Mi

What's an anthropomorphic equivalent for bullshitter?

I have two observations about this blog: 1. The amount of time I spend posting is directly proportional to the amount of time I spend working on my diss. So more posts is actually a good thing. 2. I am way too self-conscious and that is counter-productive. Enough of that. Oh and the answer is: anthropoo-logist! That's me!