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From Elders to Children: a new book from Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary

Happy I was asked to review this book in time for its launch on Dec. 8. I couldn't be there for the launch, but Rudi Tabora read my review on my behalf. Here it is. In a world where some kids have never tasted a guava, where other kids will refuse to eat red rice, where countless kids have never dipped their feet in a cold mountain stream with clean rushing water, where we don’t pay attention to birdsong, where many don’t have an ili to which they proudly belong, where parents are afraid to set their children free so they can roam far and wide and come home covered in puriket – in a world such as this, this book is precious. In a world where so much happens too quickly, and our senses are constantly bombarded with thousands of signals, “From Elders to Children” reminds us to sloooooooowwww dooooooowwwwwwwnnnn… and to pay attention to how we live and love. Together, Judy CariƱo-Fangloy, Merci Dulawan, Vicky Makay, Maria Elena Regpala, and Lucia Ruiz have made a gift tha