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Reasons to be in Burnham Park on Saturday Morning

NOTICE: The Free Burnham picnic has been moved to July 6, Saturday, 8 AM. Weather conditions dictate that we stay dry, warm and safe today -- and meanwhile contemplate the many ways in which we can let our city officials know: Please keep Burnham Park green, open for people and closed to business! Free Burnham is an open event in Melvin Jones on July 6 2013 from 8 AM to 1 PM for people of Baguio from all walks of life to come together in a picnic and lie-in to show city hall what a park is meant to be and to tell them, We need space to play! Because public space for recreation is an essential part of any city. Because every child "shall have full opportunity for play and recreation" and "society and the public authorities shall endeavor to promote the enjoyment of this right." (Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child) Because it has been proven that the presence of green, open and public spaces is good for people's physical health and sense of

Free Burnham!

I am all for making declarations of love as statements of protest. Poster by Karlo Marko Altomonte This coming Saturday morning, July 6, 2013, declare your love for Burnham Park and for parks in general from 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. on the Melvin Jones football field. Bring your footballs, volleyballs, bicycles, bows and arrows, badminton rackets and shuttle cocks, trick decks and longboards, frisbees, mats and picnic baskets. You can even bring your dogs! (Let's set an example and clean up after our own pets if necessary.) We envision a lie-in on the football field or a human fence around its perimeter or one big picnic of families saying, "WE NEED SPACE TO PLAY!" and showing the mayor and the incoming councilors what a park is all about. While we're there, let's clean up the park too so bring garbage bags, gloves (there's lots of broken glass), and fashion your own poker/garbage-skewer (for lack of a better word). The mayor has been hemming and

The Golden Arrow of Mt. Makilkilang

On June 30, 2013 at 2 PM, Mt. Cloud Bookshop will host the launching of the new children’s book, The Golden Arrow of Mt. Makilkilang and Other Cordillera Folktales . The event is open to the public and will include story-telling and a performance for children by the Aanak di Kabiligan Community Theater Group. After eleven years of telling stories through the Community Theatre, the Cordillera Green Network (CGN) and its theater company, The Aanak di Kabiligan has published a compilation of Cordillera folklore. These stories were the inspiration behind  the CGN's successful environmental education campaign, dubbed as the "Eco-Theatre Caravan", a roving theater community of young Cordillerans, theatre artists and volunteers performing in different communities in the Philippines and prefectures in Japan advocating environmental causes through performance. The book is a collection of folktales from Kalinga, Benguet, Apayao and Mt. Province. These storie

Today's mood

Be as a jar of frogs' eggs, full of possibility.


Today I crave big beautiful things. There is no food for this hunger. Only the Alhambra will suffice. Or sunrise seen from a mountain, An ocean of clouds At my feet.


This one is for Tito Rudi Tabora. Words: mine Top image: mine Center and bottom images: googled