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From this End

I am deeply troubled by recent events involving myself and the Baguio Midland Courier and so I feel I should claim a measure of culpability. At the time I sent my letter I thought that I could spur healthy public debate that could contribute to the betterment of the practice of journalism, which I value and respect as an occasional freelancer. It saddens me to see that I managed instead to spark aggression and hurt. If I over-reacted to the way our press release was edited it was because of my own expectations of newspapers in general and the roles they fulfill in their communities. In retrospect, I see that my choice of words and manner of articulation can be taken to task. I apologize for my failure to temper the confrontational tone of the missive that was sent. It was a lapse on my part that I can only attribute to human frailty. I offer up my apologies too, to those whom I may have inadvertently caused more pain in their time of loss. I hope that this incident at least brings


As a writer that sometimes strongly expresses her opinions and as an individual who participates in public discourse, I have to be prepared to be called on any errors, to have my work criticized and my views disputed. It comes with the territory. This week I have been handed a personal example of how this can get ugly. My conviction grows stronger.