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Bon Voyage!

Baguio boy photographers Ruel Bimuyag and Dave 'Kulot' Leprozo have flown to Arizona to participate in the exchange program of Through Each Others Eyes, an organization of Arizona-based professional photographers that promotes cultural understanding through photography ek-ek. They will spend two to three weeks there getting trigger happy (with their cameras, of course!), hosted by local photographers. Next year, two photographers from Through Each Others Eyes will come to Baguio where Ruel and Kulot will host them and assist them in shooting our beloved dugyot city. When the exchange is completed an exhibition of the photos will be shown in both Baguio and Phoenix. Yipppeeee! Something new to look forward to!

Here are my favorite mug shots of da boys

Ruel at play in Sadanga, 2006. Yes that is a human jawbone.

Kulot at play in Baguio, 2003. Yes those are his horns showing.


Kalinga Weaving said…
halo halo padma!

we are about to leave arizona, thanks for the cute shot, kulot is kuking like a king (king of the */#$!...) in our host kitchin, it's our send off,kick out,party whatever they call it here...

rey chi chi andito, driving with them nu bigat apan kami jay ayan da jay san diego, the king heading to phili to visit mommy, mga kaibigan sa sf nag set-up ng exhibit sa dec 1 jay frisco, i'll send you invites later para ma forward mu sa friends mu out here, there, & everywhere....

sige ngarud mare ta tulungak pay agtadtad ni kulot!

enjoy the storm out there, konting natural cleaning sa ating dugyut city,


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