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Year of the Ox Resolutions for a Greener Conscience

My mind's green enough as it is, thank you. What these are, are small attempts to make my presence on this earth less toxic than it already is (and maybe to bring a few souls around to green living too).

1. As much as possible, I will refuse plastic bags when I am shopping in the market, the groceries, or any and every chichi shop with froufrou plastic bags. (Yes, dear Nash, even Harrods.) If and when I have no choice but to accept a plastic bag, I will reuse it until it falls to pieces.

2. In relation to number 1, I will always carry an extra cloth bag with me, just in case I am seized by the impulse of the century: to buy something! Anything!

3. When wrapping gifts I will use furoshiki.

4. When my destination is within walking distance, I will walk.

5. As much as possible, I will refrain from buying food with high mileage. (Gulp. Except maybe goat's cheese from Davao and, from farther afield, lamb chops, wheat germ, stinky cheese, and 72% cacao dark chocolate!).

6. When I'm out and about I will refrain from buying drinking water in plastic bottles. Instead I will carry my own water bottle around and refill it from a clean source whenever and wherever possible.

7. I will continue to make casual remarks to random people about how unhealthy Baguio air is, until we reach tipping point and something is done about it!

8. I will write more diatribes against environmental ignorance. *laughs diabolically while rubbing hands together with glee*


The Nashman said…
...but we no longer buy harrod's coz they sell fur...
padma said…
In this day and age? *snort* How backward.
resty said…
Welcome back, padma.
padma said…
Thanks, manong Resty. Am back from a long period of silent meditation and reflection... NOT! Hahaha! I've just been busy causing trouble in other places, spaces, and spheres ;)

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